Youtube Demonetized

by | Oct 20, 2017

*** Disclaimer, the videos presented here on this page contain explicit language and express views and opinions that do not represent Venture Creations. ***

In recent months, Youtube has demonetized a large amount of Youtube channels, in a process that became knows as “The Adpocalypse.” It began originally when several controversial videos came out from more popular Youtube stars that used advertisements somewhere in the video (before or dispersed within, like tv ads) from larger corporate entities. This, of course, caught the eye of the Wall Street Journal and these corporate entities began pulling their ads, not wanting to have their brand associated with the viewpoints of the Youtubers in question. Unfortunately this began a deadly spiral that began affecting a large chunk of the content creators for Youtube, reducing their profits by around 70% (rumor has it) and causing many of them to just quit making content.

This changed up the way that content creators approached making videos for Youtube. Many of them either tried to clean up their acts and become far more family friendly, while others began seeking revenue streams via Twitch or Patreon while they waited for the dust to settle. For a while it seemed like everything was beginning to balance out a little, content creators where still suffering losses but it seemed their profits were back on the rise. That was until recent tragic events unfolded in our country, and content creators began getting demonetized again for attempting to help raise money for victims. Meanwhile, larger corporate-backed shows were discussing the same issues but allowed to run full ads on their videos, thus creating a double standard.

These three content creators are amongst many high-profile content creators trying to find answers to the problem at hand. Their language may not be family friendly in these videos as emotions are obviously running high, but they have a point. There needs to be a solution to the problem at hand. Many content creators have reached out trying to help resolve the issues but have received little-to-no feedback from Youtube itself. The lack of transparency from Youtube support and the limited amount of options given to content creators is creating a toxic cycle that could keep repeating itself, potentially harming or killing off Youtube as a whole.



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