Website support and maintenance is an integral component of web platforms today. When considering a CMS (Content Management Systems i.e. WordPress etc), there are usually a number of plugins, add-ons, and themes that need to be consistently updated. Failing to do so can lead to website crashes, limited functionality and ultimately hurting the chances of turning website visitors into paying customers.

Support Pro – $99/month

Managed WordPress Updates

We will push updates for all themes, plugins, and eCommerce platforms on your website. By checking for updates weekly, we safeguard against potential incompatibilities that could occur and to give you the best competitive advantage.

Weekly Cloud Backups

These backups ensure the safety of your website’s future while archiving its past iterations. Backups can be used to return to a previous build of your website or restore your site with ease should major issues arise. We use a trusted plugin to automate backups of your content, theme, plugins, and database on a weekly basis. We retain at least 8 backups.

Support Ticketing

Our team at Venture Creations is here for you. If you have questions, you can submit a support ticket, and we will reach out to you as soon as we can to resolve your issue or answer your question. This support covers questions related to the CMS of your site and smaller tech issues such as password resets or website troubleshooting. Larger issues, substantial changes, or maintenance falls under the “extras” and will be billed as such.

Security & Hack Cleanups

We keep a sharp eye on your site’s activity. We set up security measures that block out spam and malicious login attempts to keep your site safe. In the rare instance a site gets hacked, we clean that up, too!

Support Premium – $299/month

In addition to our Support Pro features above, Support Premium includes these additional features:

Monthly Analytic Reporting

We will provide you with a monthly report of your site use via Google Analytics, providing valuable insight on what pages are working for you and what pages need some additional attention.

Two Development Hours per Month

Every month, you can call on us to add to your site, polish it up, set up a new plugin, or share some expert advice on what could improve. Unused development hours carry over until the end of your support contract.

Additional Maintenance & Development

In addition to our Support Pro features above, Support Premium includes these additional features:

Additional maintenance and development is billed at the rate of $140 per hour. This includes new plugin installation and setup, new pages, substantial content changes, revisions, or additions, image additions or replacements, eCommerce product additions or revisions, SEO, miscellaneous site edits, changes, fixes, and improvements.

Website Support Ticket

Utilizing web support ticketing allows us to expedite your support request. Please complete the form below with as much information as possible. Someone will reply as soon as possible, during normal business hours, with an estimated time that this request will be completed.