Video, Video, & More Video!

by | Dec 8, 2017

Think of the last time you were scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.  Were you more likely to read a long post that your friend typed out, or watch a video that you were interested in?  Over the last couple of years, video has taken over the content on Facebook.  Would you rather read this blog post or watch a video about me talking about the importance of video?  Sure some people would rather take the time to read a blog or read a post, but the overwhelming majority would be much more open to watching a video.

What does that mean for businesses who want to advertise on social media?  Produce as many engaging videos that you possibly can.  These videos do not have to be professionally done.  Surprisingly, some video that is shot with your phone can be more effective than an expensive professionally done production.  My suggestion would be to post more of the homemade video as content on your Facebook page and advertise professionally done video.   The effects are more than just a higher percentage of awareness.  The retargeting capabilities that Facebook offers allow you to pool together people who watched a certain percentage of your video.  This is important for future campaigns.

At Venture Creations, we suggest our clients produce as many videos that they possibly can.  We have a team of video experts that can produce videos for nearly any project that you can think of.  Don’t believe that video is the way to go?  We have case studies that show the impact that video can have on an advertising campaign. Interested in seeing the results?  Feel free to reach out to us!



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My name is Erik Barker and I am an Account Representative at Venture Creations.  I was born and raised right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I graduated from Rockford High School in 2013 where I enjoyed playing a variety of different sports.  Through a difficult circumstance, I was able to realign my priorities and narrow the focus of my life. After graduating from Cedarville University in May of 2017, I began working at Venture Creations where I focus on building and growing client relationships.  I am passionate about my faith, family, friends, finances, and fantasy football!