Top LinkedIn Social Media and Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow

by | Dec 14, 2017

Looking for the latest on social media advertising, social media marketing, and digital advertising? Look no further. Below is a link to the top LinkedIn publishers in these fields. Following the best sources of content on LinkedIn will give you somewhat filtered content that is relevant to you and simultaneously provide networking opportunities if you choose to engage with the post. I might add Gary Vaynerchuk to the list as well. Be sure to follow me too!


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I am a 2013 GVSU grad with 6 years of focused experience in social media advertising, strategy, and client management. I am also an active real estate investor in the booming Grand Rapids rental market. When free time comes around I spend time with my wife, 2 young boys, my (large) family, friends, and small group. Hobbies include volleyball, woodworking, home improvement, and enjoying food & craft beer.