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Toot, Noot or Awoo

It looks like Twitter has found itself a new rival. While it technically is not new Mastodon has been growing at a rapid pace for the last 6th months. While this new social media platform might loot like a copy and paste job of Twitter up front, it brings a lot to the table. For instance Mastodon is an open source project, so it has plenty of room to grow with the community. It also bolsters “instances” which are different divisions of Mastodon as a whole. This is where it can become confusing for most but “instances” allow users to choose like minded people to have a “local” connection with. So for instance I might become part of an “instance” that talk mainly about design & development, thus allowing my main feed to be almost always about topics I want to hear about. Instances also allow the the community to create rules that are only particular to that instance, so the “instance” could block all political talk, heavy posters etc. Through these instances Mastodon has created an environment that frees many social media users from the Trolls that have taken up residency on the platform. Initially you would assume that your toots, noots or awoo’s ( the current name for a post, similar to a tweet ) would only be coming from the local instance your registered with but with a flip of a button you can view “federated” posts. Federated allows you to view all posts from every instance, so you can still view the highly rated or subscribed posts like you would have currently on twitter. So question of the day, with all of these interesting features can Mastodon compete with Twitter? Only time will tell.