SmartLine’s Got Us Talking

by | Aug 18, 2017

Recently it has been announced that the web hosting company GoDaddy is launching a new service called SmartLine which will run through it’s respective app. SmartLine will allow their customers to create a company number to be used for their website. The SmartLine service was born out of GoDaddys acquisition of the company FreedomVoice and its team members last year.

As stated before this app allows their customers to create a company number that will redirect to their phone like a normal phone call but will give the user a prompt that it is coming through from their SmartLine application. This sort of technology is not new as several companies currently offer a similar service. What sets SmartLine apart from them is that this service is bundled into their GoDaddy account, allowing them to get all their web and telephone services at the same place. The service itself is free for the first month then goes to $3.99 a month after that. GoDaddy has stated that they will be adding a lot more features to the service in the future that will more customization for the customers number and to allow for multiple users to receive the call, or to have a forwarding system.

As a web designer I have had to make the call on what web hosting a client could be using many times and it always seems like a toss up. I feel like with this move GoDaddy has upped the ante on what they can provide their customers, I would not be surprised to see their competitors attempt to mimic SmartLine in the future.



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