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This past week, one of Twitch’s largest live summer events started up; a little event called Summer Gamers Done Quick or SGDQ. This is a charity event where all money donated and generated via merchandise is given to Doctors without Borders, which last summer raised $1,301,654.

Summer Games Done Quick is part of the Games Done Quick organization and it is comprised of some of the absolute best video game speed runners in the world who come together to crush world record times on a selections of video games. What makes this event even more exceptional is that it is live, so with every triumph and every failure the entire nerd community is there watching. And due to this being hosted on Twitch.tv, the viewers are able to cheer for their favorite runners, and in some situations the runners will interact with the twitch chat. This year the interaction of players and viewers hit a new high, as one player decided to speed run through the game called ClusterTruck. The developers of ClusterTruck are notorious for using developer commands to mess with the game while popular streamers are playing, and this year was no exception. The difference was that the developers ( Landfall ) took over the twitch chat and had the viewers choose the fate of the runner, turning the speed run into more of a sheer survival run.

Besides the runners absolutely destroying nostalgia-inducing games, it is the sheer interaction of the viewers that make this event special. At this very moment SGDQ has had 2,273,708 Twitch comments, been tweeted 127,773 times and has received $787,553.51 for Doctors without borders. These stats will continue to rise at a fever pitch as some of the more beloved games begin to be run starting this Friday and finishing up on Sunday. I highly recommend checking out this amazing charity event if you are interested in old school games or if you would like to see one of the most organized, fully realized, 156 hour social media extravaganza.