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Selling the Experience Instead of Your Product

Selling the Experience Instead of Your Product

So often in the sales process, we get caught up in selling our products’ features that we lose sight of what people really want today – the Experience. Yes, there are obvious reasons as to why you designed your products a certain way, but it isn’t the product that your customers are really interested in, it is what owning/using/consuming your product is going to enable them to really do – create a pleasurable Experience for them. If you can show them how great an Experience they are going to have with someone else they love sharing time with – all the better.

You aren’t selling boats – you are selling two fishing buddies or a small family making future memories together on their favorite body of water. One is catching limits of fish in their favorite honey hole, or the other is watching their kids take turns on the wakeboard as the warmth of the summer sun and the spray of water off the bow take them back to the time when they were a kid themselves – skiing behind their parent’s boat, and making those same great memories.

You aren’t selling a tree stand, you are selling the future Experience of someone safely sitting in that stand, side by side with someone they love, and watching them harvest their first buck. Sell the promise of the future memory, of how great that is going to feel – and how your product is just the vehicle for taking them to the Promised Land.

Sometimes, when the promise of the Experience is so irresistibly good, the typical sales obstacles – including the higher ticket price – simply won’t matter.

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