Does it Pay to Advertise on Social Media?

by | Dec 11, 2017

It is an age-old question, regardless of the platform or media that a marketer advertises in, “Does it pay to advertise?”

One of the first questions new prospects ask about advertising on Social Media platforms is, “What is it going to cost me?” It literally is what everyone wants to know.

When it is your job to KNOW where your marketing dollars are going, and what you are getting in return for them, those are very fair questions. The good news, is that we have great answers.

Sure, there are costs involved with every type of ad campaign. Research, strategy formation, technical set-up, creative design, campaign optimization, data analysis and reporting are all part of the equation to every successful campaign. BUT (change of direction), when you are able to track so many different conversion metrics in a Social campaign – compared to traditional and even some digital media – you absolutely KNOW to the penny what you are actually getting PAID in return for your investment and efforts.

Trackable consumer actions such as inbound qualified leads, online sales, and literal in-store traffic are all quantifiable through paid Social advertising. With Social being a true “Interactive” and “Native” advertising platform, actions such as ad likes, page likes, questions/comments, and ad shares are additional measurable levels of consumer intent that are favorable for your brand – and should be given a real dollar value toward the eventual sale or retention of a customer.

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Real B2B and B2C companies are advertising on Social Media and are measuring ROI through increased sales of their goods and services, far above the total cost of their ad campaign. Far above.

“Yes, Virginia. It pays to advertise on Social Media.” It pays very, very well.

Case Studies? Yes. Reach out today to see what other companies are getting paid to advertise on Social Media.



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