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A New Perspective on Social Media Marketing

In recent conversations with marketers over the last quarter, many felt there is more to Social Media marketing than meets the eye – they just couldn’t seem to put their finger what would help their business the most.

With 2 billion global users on Facebook alone, many businesses want to know why is it so difficult to reach and engage new people and attract new followers to their Social pages. Even with thousands of people already Liking and Following their business on Facebook, typically less than 10% of those people ever engage with the continuous, and time consuming Content that gets posted.

With slow or stagnating growth, many marketers feel as though they are beating their heads against a proverbial wall with Social marketing, or are in a high hurdles race where they simply cannot clear those hurdles and make it to the finish line. Frustration is setting in.

Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In a massive race to not be last in the relatively new Social Media space, most of the 65 million businesses with a Facebook page today rushed into a huge Content vacuum without having a marketing plan in place – one that should measure both short and long term effectiveness, healthy organic growth in followers and engagement, and most importantly be directly tied to qualified leads or sales. This goes for all Social platforms.

Most often, when you have a gut feeling that tells you something is askew, it pays to stop and take a few steps back get a new perspective at the problem in front of you. At Venture, we see Social marketing from an entirely different perspective, and our clients are reaping the rewards.

Social Media marketing is exciting, engaging, and absolutely drives qualified leads and sales for companies who have the proper perspective, and a full-funnel advertising strategy in place to measure effectiveness and true value. When you compliment your Social Content efforts with a strategic advertising program you now have two wheels, and multiple gears, working for you instead of just one. Which would you rather climb a steep hill with, a unicycle or a mountain bike?

There has never been a better time to market your goods or services with the incredible tools that Social Media provides businesses today. If you would like to increase consumer engagement, true organic growth in followers, and quality leads or sales for your business – we are just a call or email away. Every good plan starts with a solid foundation, and every solid foundation starts with a great conversation. Let’s talk!