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Why Net Neutrality Matters

First things first, let’s address what Net Neutrality actually means. The simple version is that net neutrality laws are what prevents your ISP, like Comcast, from charging extra for or all out blocking access to content, like Netflix. It also is what prevents your mobile carrier, like Verizon, from blocking your use of apps that let you use WiFi for services that you’d otherwise use their data for, like calling over Skype. Without net neutrality, Comcast, for example, could slow your access to streaming video content unless you bundle your Comcast Internet with Comcast Cable.

Without net neutrality, much of the internet that you’ve come to know and love might not exist. Everything had to start small, and net neutrality puts everyone on a level playing field. So you might be wondering why this really matters now, when big companies have staked their claim, like Amazon and Netflix and Youtube. Who’s going to compete against them anyway? The truth is that you never really know where technology is going to take us. Something better could come along, but if that little startup has to outbid the giants for access to consumers, they’ll never stand a chance. As this article puts it, “the next generation of internet companies won’t be able to compete with the internet giants.” And competition, whether it outs a giant or just makes them sweat a little, is always good for the consumer.

Consumers will be the biggest losers in this scenario. Costs will go up disproportionally until you’re paying more than you were before for less than you had before. The frightening reality is that these laws have the power to change the internet in ways we’ve never experienced before, and that should make everyone a little nervous.