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Social Media Advertising

Marketing Manager, Sales Director, or CEO: Are you asking questions about Social Media Advertising?

If you are responsible for your company’s advertising budget or have any input on how those dollars are allocated. This post is for you!

Having been in the Advertising industry since (only) 2009, relating to the industry some might say, “you don’t have the experience to know what you’re talking about” and in some regards they might be right. But, what I CAN tell you, and that I learned at a very young age is you ALWAYS “get what you pay for”. If you don’t know what you “get” you’re going to be asking some serious questions!

Hear me out: You put money into the stock market – Logical. The information you get in return is “you made money” or worse, “you lost money” – Logical? You don’t know why or how much, you just won or lost. I don’t think you’re taking that risk very often and odds are you are going to find another investment. Why? Because you don’t really know what you’re getting or how you’re getting it.

Now, I’m not writing this article to bad mouth any other media buy or advertising method because they all DO have their place and quite honestly we advertise on air and out front from time to time…they do have a purpose. What I am fighting for is for those of you who have the responsibility to manage your company advertising budget wisely, to understand how to use your limited budget (no matter the amount) most efficiently and primarily most measurably.

Back to the stock market: If advertising media were stock and the budget you have to spend were your own dollars, wouldn’t you be looking for the most measurable options you could find? I believe you would.

Our aim at Venture Creations is to show you how to make the most out of your advertising budget in a way that is measurable to revenue and not only “performance” metrics like Click Through Rates, Impressions, Reach and Frequency. Let’s talk about true Sales ROI and ROAS – seriously we can do that!

The very least you can do is be informed. Social Media is where the world is going! Advertising is changing with or without you. If you stick to the status quo your company or business probably won’t go bankrupt. However, I can promise you this, if you don’t adjust it will leave a lot of money on the table.

An exploratory call with no strings attached, and no obligation never hurts. It doesn’t cost you anything! If it were your money, wouldn’t it make sense? Do you really know what you’re getting beyond your CTR, CPM, Reach, Frequency, etc., etc., etc.? Shouldn’t you be asking some questions?