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Live In The Moment, Not On Instagram

Live in the Moment, Not on Instagram

It seems as though every few weeks, there’s a new post about how social media makes you unhappy, or jealous, or something along those lines. The power that social media holds over our lives recently came up in conversation with a friend of mine, who just graduated college. She told me that she’d taken a couple weeks “off” from Facebook, because it was making her feel like she was “behind” in life, and instead of enjoying the experience of finishing school and starting a career, she was stressed out and upset.

I did my best to explain to her that she is not “behind” in life, but that it is part of the effect that social media has on us. We are now so connected to other people that I know what my 18-month-old nephew had for breakfast this morning, despite the fact that I haven’t seen him in a couple months and haven’t talked to his parents in a week or two. I know what friends from elementary school are up to these days, even though I haven’t spent a single minute with them in at least 20 years, and barely even remember the 3 years we spent in school together.

Social media is an excellent tool for staying connected to friends and family when you’re physically apart. But at a certain point, too much of our lives happens on social media. This past summer, my youngest brother got married. Our other brother was the best man, and I was the matron of honor. I was so excited for the wedding and the time I’d get to spend with my brothers and brand new sister! They had a “wedding hashtag” for Instagram, and a few days before the wedding, the Bride and I were even talking about all of the pictures we wanted to be sure to get for Instagram.

And then the wedding day arrived, and I had to make a choice. I could live in the moment, enjoy the beautiful wedding and all the friends and family who were in one place for the first time in years, or I could get the Instagram photos. In other words, I could have a great time and enjoy the day, or I could show the Internet what a great time I was having at this wedding – while missing out on the actual things happening around me.

I left my phone in my bag inside the house and didn’t take or post a single picture. There’s barely an indication that the wedding happened on my Instagram, but I have so many wonderful memories from the day! I don’t regret the decision to spend the day without my phone. Plenty of other people took great photos, and I got to completely enjoy a fantastic day with my brothers and sister-in-law.

Moral of the Story: There’s a place for social media, but don’t miss out on life just to look good on social media.