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“Know-It-All” or “Learn-It-All” – What Makes Someone a Better Expert at Anything?

“Know-It-All” or “Learn-It-All” – What Makes Someone a Better Expert at Anything?

What makes someone an “expert” at something, especially a “self-professed” expert? What makes them Gurus, Geniuses, Wizards… or, name your self-proclaimed title. Is it because that person, or those people, know everything there is to know about a subject?

If nothing else, this is a world filled with people who are constantly seeking for answers. Bookstores are filled with every “self-help” type of book to help people improve their mental, physical, sexual, spiritual, social, career, and hobby selves. The list is long and exhausting, but it doesn’t stop people from searching for what is right for them.

In business, who do you trust in the vast sea of self-proclaimed expertise, in an area you need help in? Those that are self-professed “know-it-all’s”, or those who are humble enough to admit, “We know more, because we are constantly searching, testing and learning in our area of expertise.”

Our Service Mark is, “Social Media Ad Experts”, but what qualifies us to make that proclamation? Yes, we have a good number of years under our belts at what we do in the Social Media space. But collectively, we get excited about every new campaign that we put in motion, as it is about to reveal completely new information that we didn’t have before the campaign went live.

You should trust someone not because they Know-It-All, but because they have enough time in an area to be proficient, and are constantly Learning-It-All, and increasing their knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

One thing is for certain, Social Media is ever changing into the next “great new thing”. At Venture, we know where this space has been, where it is now, and we have our finger on the pulse of where it is going next – and we will be learning all that we can, every step of the way. This makes us better as “Experts”, and puts your next campaign – and business – at a better chance for success.