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Instagram now has more than 1M advertisers, doubling in past 6 months

Instagram now has more than 1M advertisers, doubling in past 6 months

As Instagram’s advertiser base has ballooned, so has the number of people using the app to contact brands.

It wasn’t too long ago that the total number of advertisers on Facebook had doubled to 2 Million over an 18-month period. With that enormous mountain of Facebook data available to marketers, it was easy to see why the advertiser pool was getting more crowded. With 1.9 Billion global users worth of continuous Posts, Likes, Comments, Video Views and other aggregated data in the mix – there is no shortage of gold to mine out of that data mountain to find, and engage with, your exact target audience.


Now, Instagram is getting into the mix with more than 1 Million advertisers to their platform, which doubled in just the past six months! Word is, that people aren’t just going there to look at beautiful pictures of their favorite food, place or passion – they are going there to engage with the brands themselves!


Can it be, that Social really is the best place to target your specific audience, because – GASP! – the people in that space are ready to engage with you when you have something captivating and compelling to share with them? Something they cannot resist diving into, because of how well targeted the message is to begin with?


Maybe this is how advertising was supposed to work all along? After all, it has always been about the right message, to the right person, at the right place, and at the right time – but never before could you capture their attention in such engaging settings as our Social platforms today.


If you haven’t considered a Social Media advertising campaign for your brand, you should be considering one now. And if I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to move on it. Even though there is still plenty of room in these Social pools for your brand to swim in – the cost is naturally going to increase as the competition to reach your target audience increases as well.


Jump on in, the water’s fine!


Call me to learn more about advertising your brand in Social Media. I would be happy to chart with you a path to growing your business in the most engaging medium in the world.