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Google’s New Feed Creates a More Personal Homepage

If you use the Google app on your mobile device, your feed is about to become more specific to you! Google, the tech giant who knows more about you than you do, has added a feature to the Google mobile app that will show you news, sports, weather, and more that it deems relevant to your interests, based off your browsing history. It will also give you the option to “Follow” topics right in the app, allowing for only the news and updates that you care about. The app will also verify news stories, and indicate whether they’ve been fact-checked or not, allowing you to avoid the overflow of “fake news”. While this may feel like just another news app, this update to Google’s app is designed to mix your personal interests with news you will find relevant. Rather than opening up a news app just to see all the horror stories from the last few hours, Google will mix in other relevant data – like this new movie it thinks you’ll go see, or the single that was just released by your favorite band.

This feels slightly like an attempt to pull those who use Facebook as their news source (please don’t do this) into the arms of Google. Earlier this year, Facebook changed their ‘Trending Topics’ algorithm to match regional news instead of personalized news in an attempt to slow the spread of viral ‘Fake News’. Many people were outraged by this, and now Google has created a way for them to once again see news and trending articles relevant to their interests, but with the addition of verified news articles being tagged as such.