Being in an industry that is constantly evolving like social media, digital marketing and all things web related means that you’ve got to stay on top of the latest news. Along with that, we here at Venture are always striving to not only read about our industry but business, Michigan, our hobbies and interests, and things that are just plain funny. We’re rolling out a new weekly blog called the Friday Five which will include our office’s favorite articles from the past week and a short summary from each of us.

Account Executive

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Instagram LIVE Video Replays Released!

Just announced: Instagram LIVE video producers now have 24 hours to share their LIVE video via their Instagram story! The feature still provokes somewhat of a sense of urgency “the point of LIVE”, but allows those closest to the individual/business a chance to view the video.

Content Marketing Specialist

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Creating a Culture of Transparency

“For the best ideas to come to light, people need to feel free to disagree with each other.” This might be the biggest hurdle to a transparent creative process. If the team doesn’t feel like they can be vulnerable or disagree with someone, you risk losing out on important aspects of the creative process. This can be a hard situation to tackle, especially if you’re struggling with a company culture that hasn’t learned how to playfully and supportively disagree with each other. Take risks, share ideas, be open, and improve the creative collaboration process.

Web Designer

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I Am Poppy

It is difficult to describe the Youtube sensation that is Poppy. On the surface it appears that the channel is a pop artist who has a flair for creating artistic or bizarre vlog-style videos to try and capture a niche in this overcrowded industry. Once you start watching more, though, you begin to see things that slightly disturb you or things that slowly begin to rub you the wrong way. For instance, the video of this youtube star saying her name over and over again for 10 minutes, going through a full gambit of emotions. The haunting fact that its just her, in a white room, saying her name starts to grind into you. It becomes almost a white noise but instead of tuning it out you start to notice subtleties in the video, facial expressions, the light in her eyes, the audio being just one beat off from her lips. Why would she do this?

This video and many more have her fans craving more information about her and have them generating wild conspiracy theories such as her being in a cult ( both as a leader and as stockholm syndrome robot ). A good reference point is the Film Theorists summarizing the events of her videos and potential reasons for their seemingly bizarre nature.

The reason that this story has caught my interest is that this is not the first time Poppy has come up in social media news. In fact, I have seen it surface in a major way about three times. What this means is that these debatably story driven, odd, and often disturbing clips keep her audience captivated. Even when you feel like you understand the meaning behind it all and that you don’t need to see more you drawn back in like a moth to the flame. Poppy’s approach and craft on youtube has solidified her as one of the greats within social media, there is a lot that can be learned by her masterful control of her audience.

To read more into this mystery I highly recommend reading through the article written by Wired, click the link below to follow the rabbit hole deeper.


Account Executive

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CRM to Social Matching. Now.

As Social Media continues evolve and platforms offer their users more, great features, it is inevitable that time spent on Social is going to increase and eventually dwarf what people traditionally did with a portion of their time each day. Once upon a time, people traditionally read the morning paper at the breakfast table while slowly sipping a home brewed cup of coffee. Today, people are skimming trending news headlines on their Social News Feeds, on mobile phones, while in the drive-thru line at Starbucks on their way into work.

As a marketer, the faster you tie your existing CRM data to a Social audience by way of Social IDs, the faster your business is going to grow. People are hardwired to their mobile devices now, and 80% of them access Social Media with these devices. This means marketers are able to connect, engage, and communicate with “on the go” consumers – either driving online sales, or even increasing foot traffic to brick and mortar locations.

Creating Social Look-alike audiences from your existing CRM data is also possible. Understanding where your existing and future customers are in your sales funnel, and tailoring custom messages to them “on the go” is a great way to create immediate action if you incentivize the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

We are just a phone conversation away from answering all of your questions, and linking your company’s existing CRM data to a Social audience waiting to hear from you.


Account Representative

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How LinkedIn and Instagram Can Make or Break Your Job Search 

It is common knowledge now that social media can cost you a job. However, social media is also an important element for receiving an interview.  Employers spend time searching prospects social media accounts to make sure they can identify who you are before you come in for an interview.  Since employers are spending time looking at your presence on social media, you should think of your social media presence much like establishing your credit.  If you do not have any credit history it can cost you the ability to qualify for a loan.  At the same time, if you have a poor credit history it can cost you the ability to qualify for a loan.  In the same way, if your social media presence is no existent, it is difficult for potential employers to do initial screenings.  Also, if you have inappropriate content on your platforms, it can hold you back from receiving the job, or even the opportunity to interview.

This means that you should always be well aware of what you are posting on social media.  Make sure what you post is appropriate to not only people you know but to individuals who you will come in contact with in the future.  It has happened countless times that people have posted something on social media and had it come back to haunt them down the road.  This principle applies to both individuals and businesses.  From a business perspective, it is important to have content that is engaging but it is crucial to have content that represents your business in an appropriate and professional way.