Being in an industry that is constantly evolving like social media, digital marketing and all things web related means that you’ve got to stay on top of the latest news. Along with that, we here at Venture are always striving to not only read about our industry but business, Michigan, our hobbies and interests, and things that are just plain funny. We’re rolling out a new weekly blog called the Friday Five which will include our office’s favorite articles from the past week and a short summary from each of us.

Content Marketing Specialist

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How to Be More Productive at Work

Do less! Specifically, stop trying to multitask. The reality is that you probably aren’t multitasking but rather just not giving your projects your full attention. The current workplace is fast-paced and always changing, but our brains don’t necessarily keep up. Have you ever been typing and had a coworker start talking to you? If you want to finish your sentence, it means you don’t retain anything they say. The truth is that attempting to multitask, because your brain can’t actually work on two things at once, can reduce productivity by up to 40%. Workplace distractions hinder productivity, too. Emails, chat windows, last-minute meetings, and more all cause projects to come to a halt and you don’t just pick right back up where you left, no matter how organized you are.

So what do we do about it? Better personal time management, better office-wide scheduling of meetings, and a work environment that works with you. Your brain can focus on the project in front of you with music in the background, but not always with conversation. Have a few hours without any scheduled meetings and a big task to finish? Close your email and instant messaging, put your phone on silent, and get it done.

Director, Sales & Operations

More Campaign Control for Facebook Advertisers

NEW: More Campaign Control for Facebook Advertisers

Facebook is making a big step forward to provide advertisers with more control over their campaigns. Most notably in my opinion is the new feature for Pre-Campaign Transparency. This feature allows the advertiser to preview the ad placement on Facebook’s “Audience Network” prior to launch. Though this feature has great importance for measurablity, it is a great form of accountability as well.

In this article check out the advanced features for Pre-Campaign Transparency, the ability to Block at the Campaign Level, and Choice on Video Placement in “Audience Network”.

Content Marketing Specialist

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Social Media Addiction is as Harmful as Alcohol & Drugs for Millenials

If you go to a concert or restaurant these days, it’s obvious that social media and smart phones have become the rule rather than the exception. Earlier this week as I was grabbing happy hour with a few friends, we realized at one point we were not talking to each other but rather all snapping and posting photos of our fancy cocktails and the pretty appetizer… instead of actually sipping and conversing and chowing down. Looking around the restaurant, we saw at least three other tables, two of which consisted of what appeared to be couples, with their heads down and focused on the screens in front of them rather than the faces.

This article points out that not only is social media prevalent in society, but for many millennials, it is a necessity that some young adults feel a need to get a fix of multiple times a day. This is problematic as the article outlines for several reasons, but how do you curb this addiction? Is it possible to go cold turkey from social media? There is always the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) factor too which I’m sure doesn’t help avoid the addictive feeling of needing to check in and post and monitor responses. I’ve got family and friends spread across not just the US but the world- if it weren’t for social media, I’d miss out my cousin in Tanzania showing her baby crawling for the first time, or family in South Korea visiting a cat cafe (yes… I’m a crazy cat lady), or my friend in Nova Scotia getting engaged. While there are varying moments of importance that are shared on social, we tend to have this fear that we will miss something, from someone, somewhere in the world. Or that our followers, friends, fans, etc… will miss one of our moments and justify the need for constantly checking our phones. But where is the balance of what’s healthy and appropriate versus a legitimate addiction that’s harmful?

I think the best solution, as with any addiction, is for anyone who has this compulsion to feed their fix is to first admit that they need help. Work through it with friends or family together by establishing timelines and rules for checking. Be sure to have real conversations in person rather than opting to text it out. And during a notable event, even if it’s just a happy hour at the latest brewery in town that you have to share with the world, then take a photo or two, get that selfie on Snap in, then put the phone away for the remainder of your time there. And don’t ever check your phone, post, tweet, text, -whatever- and drive! Social media can always wait when you’re behind the wheel.


Account Representative

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How the NBA’s embrace of Social Media might help it someday surpass the NFL

The Golden State Warriors are the 2017 NBA Champions after defeating the Cleveland Cavilers in 5 games.  At the conclusion of the game, immediately players began posting pictures and videos onto their own social media platforms.  This gave millions and millions of fans the ability to have an inside look at how sports icons celebrate winning the ultimate prize within the game of basketball.

Over the past years, the NBA has welcomed social media as an outlet to connecting with younger generations. Whether it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, players have the ability to connect with their fans in a way that has revolutionized the sport.  Highlights from games or creative content that relates to fans have caused a rapid growth in popularity of the sport.

Social Media is a tool that when used correctly can revolutionize your business.  Most businesses do not have the luxury of having celebrities and players to endorse and promote their business like the NBA has.  At Venture Creations we have partnered with businesses and have grown their followings on the platforms of social media, but more importantly, we have increased sales through our expertise in social media advertising.  If you would like to know more about our experience in advertising through social media, please feel free to reach out!



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US Digital Ad Revenue Continues to Climb

Where the people are, the advertising dollars will inevitably follow. So, it’s no real surprise to see double digit ad growth in Digital ad revenues for the seventh straight quarter in Q1, 2017. It’s also no surprise that mobile advertising accounted for 51% of last year’s ad revenues, bypassing desktop advertising for the first time. Everywhere you look, people are glued to their mobile devices.

Last year, Facebook’s ad revenue growth rose 65% over 2015, and combined with Google it accounted for 85% of the Digital ad revenue growth for the entire industry. Not only are they the two most popular and used digital platforms, but they also hold the most Data for marketers to tap into – and Data runs the world.

The following IAB report should give you confidence that there are a myriad of companies spending billions of dollars in digital advertising each year – with no end in sight as to how high that number will climb. As a marketing or sales director, there are three questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Do I fully understand the digital advertising ecosystem enough to make good choices with how I spend my company’s marketing dollars in that space?
2) Do I understand where the best digital advertising value is today for those dollars? And, where it might be tomorrow, next year, in five years?
3) Do I need a trusted partner to help me find, and understand, the answers to those questions?

At Venture, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your marketing objectives and sales goals. We provide our clients with the education to understand the Digital space, the best advertising strategies for full-funnel sales success, and the measuring tools to qualify your return on ad spend (ROAS). Call us for a free consultation to see if our services could be of benefit to you!