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Facebook Q2 Earnings

5 Things to Note after Facebook’s Q2 Earnings Report

It’s no secret that Facebook is dominating any rise in the advertising industry. After Q1 earnings were reported many experts and economists projected even greater growth in Q2. However, the growth reported has surpassed most expectations and thus it has many wondering, What’s Next?

In this article you will find a noteworthy evaluation by Garett Sloane of Advertising Age that discusses 5 things you can expect from the earnings call on Wednesday. Those include: Facebook’s preparedness to scale and set a standard of billions of users as opposed to millions of users, (long awaited) changes to Ad Load for its users, video platform changes with new ad opportunities, additional ad inventory for advertisers to correspond with the Ad Load reduction, and gray areas sure to come with publishers.

Most intriguing to me is that the Ad Load issue that has been awaiting action for quite some time is going to be addressed which is great for user experience but not good for advertisers. So the question is how will they maintain pricing without too significant of a price increase knowing the continued growth of advertisers and the overall dollar amounts those advertisers are spending. It think that is somewhat answered by the additional ad inventory available like in video commercials and placement in messenger.

Let us know what you think about the growth of Facebook so far in 2017.

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Dark Social – Why You Have so Many “Direct” Visitors to Your Website

Ever wonder how so many people visit your website “Direct” – as reported by Google Analytics? Logically you cannot imagine that hundreds or thousands type your entire website URL into their browser every month. Guess what…. you are right! Much of your “Direct” source traffic is likely a result of “Dark Social” – a term for social media traffic that comes from shared links in messaging apps. In practice this looks like the following. 1. Spouse sees vacation activity and grabs the direct URL. 2. Spouse sends to husband/wife to check out via text message or messaging app. 3. Ultimately spouse/husband/wife ends up purchasing/booking activity via the direct link. 4. Google Analytics records a “Direct” traffic source for the transaction.

Voila, your mystery has been solved. Check out the article for more!

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File Organization and Debt

Recently in our office a conversation has started based around the concepts of what is efficient file structure and organization. This conversation began due to the growth of our company both in employees and in clients, which has led to some unique file organization happening within our servers and back up drives. I found that this type of organization leads to File Debt, and it is a very real and very scary thing. File Debt is created when the number of files and or folder exceeds a file organizational pattern and new folder structures have to be created to house the new files. This can lead to files becoming more difficult to find as you may need to ask a specific person where a file is located.

Some of us in the office have had more experience than others with trying to format folder structures in a collaborative environment, while others have been more used to structuring files around their own personal needs. What was clear while talking about this is that everyone was open to trying something new, something that would make finding files as easy as possible. This spurred me to start doing some serious research and I was able to find two agencies ( Area 17 and Medium ) who have also gone through this process and both came up with some very interesting methods to solve their file organization. Both of the shown example methods that they are using are excellent ways of handling large file structures but I find myself leaning more towards Area 17’s methods. I really enjoy the idea that technically if done correctly you would only ever need to know the client name and beyond that their numbering system can tell you exactly what part of each project the file belongs too.

With this system in mind I may try to meld my own dating protocols into this to create a system that also includes date of the project, thus allowing us to keep track of weekly or monthly repeating projects we have here at Venture Creations Media. The only real down side I can see to this is the file naming may become tedious to put into place and or to change old files over to the new structure. Either way I am excited to give it a try, who knows, I might just be able to create something that will future proof our file organization for years to come!


Account Executive

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Make A Personalized Plan

If you are going on a family vacation, you are going to take some time to plan out your trip. From the route you take, to what cities you will need to stop in to fill up the gas tank, to points of interest along the way – a good plan is the first step, and basic foundation to the overall success of your adventure. Thousands of families each year will travel from Michigan to Florida for Spring Break – and most will travel the same highway route to get there – but each family will have their own personalized plan of attack along the way.

The same must be said for your marketing strategy – especially in this Digital Age, and most especially in this Mobile Digital Age. Helping your customers engage with your brand and navigate their way down your sales funnel while having a personalized experienced doing it, is key to the continued success of your company.

The following article illustrates an excellent example of how to personalize an e-commerce driven business sales funnel, and create a truly unique customer experience for each person who engages with your brand’s product or service along that path. Even if your business is not e-commerce driven there are excellent examples and takeaways that you could implement in other ways that will help personalize the experience your customers will have with your business.

Additional and successful strategies on how to personalize your business’s upcoming marketing plan are only a phone call away. As always, a good foundation always starts with a great conversation. Let’s talk!


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Why Your Sales Strategy Needs to Become a Social-Media Strategy, Immediately  

In the recent weeks, Facebook has announced that they have reached over 2 billion active monthly users on their platform. As the world continues to become more connected through social media, it is important that your sales strategy also becomes a social media strategy. Have you ever thought of how your social media presence can connect with your bottom line?  Social Media Advertising allows businesses to track exactly how their advertising is performing and also allows for lead generation.  Once leads are generated, businesses will then have potential customer information such as phone and email for their sales-team to close the sale.  The article attached speaks about four reason why social media needs to be your sales strategy

Social Media needs to be where you learn about your customers 

Let’s say you are a company who sells RVs and decides to put up a billboard with the hope that it will create awareness.  You may accomplish your goal from a general awareness standpoint, but that is it.  You will not be able to collect data on who engaged with your billboard or who simply just ignored it.  Social Media allows you to connect directly with your target market and collect data from those who engaged with your first advertisement.  Once you have the data of who engaged in your social media advertising you can then tailor an advertisement directly to each potential customers needs.  This process allows you to learn more about your customers in a way never before been made available.

Buyers prefer to work with salespeople who have a social presence 

Continuing with the RV example, before a potential customer comes to the dealership, they want to make sure that they are going to a dealership that either has good reviews, friendly salespeople, or a history of good customer service.  With a number of dealerships around town, they are not going to spend their time going to a place that has poor reviews and a minimal presence on social media.  Having a solid social media presence is essential to see the true effects of your advertising efforts on social media.

Buyers care more about trust than price 

Similar to the previous paragraph, potential customers who engage with your social media advertising want to make sure that you actually care about them as a potential customer.  According to a LinkedIn study that can be found in the article, 39% of respondents said that the most important factor to closing the sale is building a relationship based on trust.  Obviously, price matters to a certain point, but it is vital to building trust with your potential customers after viewing your social media advertising.

Social Media allows for transparency which increases sales

If you are a business wondering how in the world your social media presence translates to sales you are not alone.  Thousands of businesses are not harnessing the capabilities that social media allows from a business perspective.  If you are interested in hearing more about how social media advertising can connect directly to your sales, feel free to read other blogs under the social media category or reach out to us at Venture Creations.