Facebook In-stream Video Ads

by | Nov 10, 2017

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Twice in the last week I was engrossed in a Facebook News Feed video of my choosing, only to be interrupted at the mid-point of the video with a disruptive ad trying to sell me something.

The first was a delicious recipe video that I was thoroughly engrossed in, only to be interrupted by a video ad for sunglasses. I was immediately taken aback as the delicious recipe being prepared before me was abruptly cut to six seconds of why I needed that brand’s sunglasses. Fail.

The second video I was watching was a tremendously heartwarming video of a family bringing a frozen kitten they found outside their home back to life. This time a mid-roll in-stream video for Swift Capital was offering me “fast funding” for my business needs – right as I am waiting with great anticipation to see if they actually are able to resuscitate the kitten!

Talk about an annoying disruption and absolute terrible place to run poorly targeted video ads! Swift Capital’s ad had nothing to do with the story I was watching unfold, nor was I a good target candidate for needing their funding. Same goes for the sunglasses. Absolute advertising fails!

If you’re going to run disruptive in-stream video ads, you really need to be very specific with the target audience you are disrupting in order to not offend them with the interruption. A cooking oil ad would have been a better interruption for the recipe video, and cat food or cat litter ad would have been at least in the ballpark for the other.

Think about the platforms you are advertising on, and how people engage with messages on those platforms. If your audience targeting or timing is off, you can often do more harm than good for your brand with in-stream video advertising.



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