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Facebook to Improve Data Sets for Advertisers

In an effort to improve transparency and accuracy in campaign reporting, Facebook is going to increase the depth of measuring multiple consumer engagement touchpoints on their advertising platform. As more and more questions are being asked by marketers about the accuracy and value of Digital/Social advertising today, this is a great move – and answer – by the largest Social network on the planet.

While commanding nearly $80 Billion in ad spend annually, the total Digital advertising ecosystem is still very much in its infancy – and much of it still acts and feels like the development of the Wild, Wild West in this country.

On both the Publisher/Platform side as well as the Brand/Advertiser side – because of how high the stakes are – there is a great rush to be The First, and a greater rush to be The Biggest with the most financial gains – much like the Gold Rush Days of California and especially Alaska. Basic rules of engagement have been followed and trusted by those on both sides who follow rules, and absolutely broken by others who are in the game to maximize their Take at all costs.

It is imperative that you, as a marketer, have a full understanding and grasp of this new Digital/Social advertising ecosystem before you dive headlong into it – if you want to maximize your gains the right way, and want to stay in the space unscathed. Plenty of well-minded individuals in both eras have chased fool’s gold without a strategy in place, and ended up walking home with their tail between their legs empty handed, or worse.

At Venture, education comes before strategy, which comes before a single dollar is budgeted in any Social advertising platform. We consider ourselves experienced Navigators of this ever-evolving space, and ones who can be trusted to keep your brand safe while measuring real gains and value for your company.

For a better understanding of the possibilities, and more importantly the truth about Digital/Social advertising – please reach out at your earliest convenience. A good foundation always starts with a great conversation.