Facebook Corrects Ads Served Out-of-View

by | Nov 10, 2017

Facebook advertisers have had a tough go in 2017. There have been many issues that have come up specifically around reporting metric errors that have been the root of some blossoming trust issues. Facebook video ads served to users out-of-view is the latest error they are working to fix, and most importantly, working to make right with advertisers.

Facebook and it’s third party team designated to review their metrics, noticed this issue with video ads served on their mobile site and also in a section of their mobile app. Though very few advertisers were affected by this error, Facebook has committed to providing refunds for the ad dollars spent. The primary issue was video ads would be served to users scrolling through an article and though they were supposed to stop playing after the video left the “view window” they continued playing instead. This caused an error in reporting which would cause video view metric errors.

This is a big issue in the world of digital banner advertising as well. However, not only does it occur with video content but with standard graphic or photo content as well. Some exchanges, serve ads that are not viewable inventory thus causing advertisers to see metrics that their ads were served (impressions) though no user actual saw the ad (true impression).

I am encouraged that Facebook has made an effort to correct this issue and quickly. Facebook is working tirelessly to make it’s platform the most transparent yet and as an advertiser that is quite exciting.


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