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Can a Font be a Whole Brand?

In the world of Graphic Design their are many types of logos, ranging from lettermark’s to mascot logos. Lettermarks and wordmarks specifically refer to branding that is specifically orientated around typography and small tweaks, unique characters or the white space created out of a typeface. Good Examples of these two types of logos are CNN, HBO, Coca-Cola and FedEx respectively.

With these logos in mind we can address the question of “can a font be a whole brand?” The answer to that question is yes a typeface can absolutely be a brand. For instance the cursive type used within the coca-cola wordmark is iconic to that company and almost any word written with that typeface will remind any customer of coca-cola.

The case of Youtube creating its own typeface for its TV website / app is a pretty interesting one. Youtube itself has been around for many years and has evolved alongside the internet as a whole. What is interesting about the typeface they have created is that they took the existing Youtube logo, specifically the iconic play button, and used that to create a whole new typeface. This can be seen within the soft curved exterior elements and the sharp jagged inside corners of the characters. These elements mimic the “lozenge” red button and the sharp play button that resides within it.

Even though this seems like a no brainer question it is important to think about the sheer amount of work that went into creating a typeface that so perfectly echoes the brand that it becomes the brand itself.