Bring Back the iPhone Headphone Jack

by | Sep 22, 2017

Scotty from Strange Parts might be my new favorite mad scientist. He recently took on the challenge of adding a headphone jack back into a newer iPhone. As most of us know, starting with the iPhone 7 Apple has decided to remove the headphone jack from the phone and instead make their customers use a headphone adapter dongle that plugs into the thunderbolt port. What this affectively meant is that you could not charge your phone and listen to music or transfer data to another device while listening to music. So thats a small inconvenience but its not really that bad, what the biggest problem to audio heads out there is that the dongle adapter would lower the quality of the music going to their headphones or wont function with certain jack sizes, which makes expensive headphone irrelevant. I get it, apple wants their users to use their wireless earbuds who’s true purpose are to end up inside the nearest pet or small toddler once they inevitably fall onto the floor.

That long winded clearly biased opinion needed to be said to move to the “good” news. Scotty figured out how to actually get a headphone jack into his iPhone 7, and it works! The bad news is that is took him multiple months, it still technically uses an internal spliced dongle to deliver power to the headphone jack. So you win some you lose some. Unlike many youtube floating around the internet showing that just using a power drill to bore out your iPhone case will reveal the secret headphone jack hidden under the case, Scotty actually shows every single step in his journey, and what a journey it truly is.

In true mad scientist fashion Scotty hodge podged together many iPhone parts ( due to breakage ), designed his own circuit board to control a switch to get power to flow between being able to charge and being able to play music out the headphone jack. He then had to bore out the inside of the iPhone case and design an origami circuit board that could do everything his old board could do but do it in a very small space that will flex around the parts within the phone. I highly recommend watching the entire video and checking out his video on building his on iPhone in China!



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