Art Prize Grand Rapids 2017

by | Oct 6, 2017

This past weekend I made my yearly hike through Grand Rapids to try and take in as much of Art Prize as possible. This can daunting task as it means plunging into the horde of fellow art seekers who pack themselves into every available gallery space in hopes of finding their personal winner for the year. I feel as though I had walked the breadth and length of Grand Rapids this year and I still was only able to take in a fraction of what this years Art Prize had to offer.

These past few years of Art Prize has seemed to have a downtick in the amount of art work that flows into the city which I had assumed meant that Art Prize was beginning to fizzle out. This being said I do also realize that the rules for how the art pieces has changed since its beginnings. I really felt these changes this year as I felt that their where an abundance of very interesting and very well crafted pieces on display throughout the city. I was in fact luck enough that two of my favorites did in fact make it into the top 20, those being: Early January on the Pearl Street Bridge and Life, Death and Transformation. That being said the Devos Place Convention Center had a very strong showing this year.

If you have not yet gotten out to see this years Art Prize pieces I implore you to do so. I promise, you will not regret it!



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