by | Aug 18, 2017

While prepping for a call with the Birch Run Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, I looked up a website for a local eatery that I have been known to frequent while in town on multiple business trips over the years.

Tony’s I-75 Restaurant is right off the main exit, nestled in between a handful of gas stations, an Expo Center and a Tanger Outlet Mall. In fact, if you weren’t looking for Tony’s specifically, you might miss it entirely for all of the traffic congestion in the immediate area.

But, if you are aware that Tony’s serves a full pound of bacon with every BLT sandwich (or as a “side” of bacon with anything else on the menu), you might actually be looking for Tony’s as a reason to stop and get gas at Exit 136 – or to drop off your significant other to freely shop for a few hours. Yes, I said a #FULLPOUNDOFBACON.

Even while living in the Golden Age of appetizers and shareables, many an unsuspecting wrist has been slapped at Tony’s while reaching for just a single slice of that sizzling, salty, crunchy, chewy, greasy pound of pork. #GETYOUROWNSIDEOFBACON

It was always rumored that Tony’s brother is the local cardiologist. I have no idea if Tony even has a brother, but I do know the reported pound of bacon is not a wives’ tale. It is very, deliciously real.

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